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How to teach eHealth

The ICT for Health-project carried out the report on "How to teach eHealth" which intends to support the implementation process of adequate eHealth courses for our target groups. Based on a literature review, this report includes learning approaches and trends. Furthermore the report presents learning styles, preferences and teaching tools for our common target group "Adult learner".

The nature of learning differs between a traditional child learner and the "non-traditional" adult learner. Adult learners often need flexible (e.g. flexibility in access to courses, flexibility in delivery to accommodate different learning styles) and self-directed courses. The e-learning method (especially learning platforms) is particularly suitable for the realization of constructivist approaches and the above mentioned learning style of Adult learners. Thus, the online method is "lauded by many as being an ideal instrument for the delivery of education to adults." Nevertheless e-learning requires more self-discipline and maturity from the learners than traditional classroom education, which may explain the higher dropout rates in e-learning programs compared to conventional programs. Inadequately equipped e-learning systems can result in frustration (e.g. only text based learning material without images). Learning platforms are very appropriate for e-learning, because they offer a high variety of methods, e.g. synchronous and asynchronous communication tools (chat, email, whiteboard forum etc.).

The report contributes to the project's aim to train the use of eHealth technologies.

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published 02.09.2011