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State secretary visits ICT for Health

Within his summer journey, state secretary Heinz Maurus visited the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg to get information on ICT for Health. He is in complete agreement with the main topic of the project and considers telemedicine as an important aspect to improve health care especially in rural areas. Nevertheless, the acceptance within the population has to be raised first, which is a further objective of ICT for Health, too.

Heinz Maurus is convinced that the aims of ICT for Health promise a big progress in health and patient care and he is proud to see Schleswig-Holstein being involved in crucial health care projects. The state secretary promised to support the activities of the project also because of its contribution to a strengthening of the health care system.

In addition to the ICT for Health project Prof Trill presented other eHealth activities the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg is involved in. The common thread of these projects is the master study course "eHealth" offered by the University of Applied Sciences Flensburg. 

published 16.09.2010