Training courses for SMEs help them to be innovative and competitive (Fotolia)
Assessment of the innovation potential (Bonita)
Innovation cluster column at the Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference in Lilleström, Norway 19-20 Sept 2012

Cluster: Innovation in SMEs

In the thematic clusters partners from different projects share knowledge and experience. Together partners make stakeholders aware of the project achievements and change the political agenda.

Support of SMEs as innovation sources: training, advice, tools & financing

Innovation in SMEs is at core of economic development. In this cluster partners build upon the developed tools to identify future needs, demands and draw recommendations for innovation support in SMEs and communicate them to the relevant stakeholders.

Contact: Mr Max Hogeforster
Tel: +49 40 82244711
Cluster website:

The following projects join efforts in the cluster:
  • BalticSupply - Interregional SME Supply Clusters along the Northeast Corridor
  • BaSIC - Baltic Sea Innovation Network Centres
  • BONITA - Baltic Organisation and Network of Innovation Transfer Associations
  • BSHR HealthPort - Baltic Sea Health Region - Business acceleration support and training bridging innovative SMEs and health care organisations to strengthen BSR health economy
  • BSR InnoReg - Strengthening Innovation Governance in Baltic Non-metropolitan Regions through Transnational Cooperation
  • BSR QUICK - Qualification, Innovation, Cooperation and Key business for Small and Medium Enterprises in the Baltic Sea Region
  • IBI Net - Intercountry Business Incubators' Network
  • JOSEFIN - Joint SME Finance for Innovation
  • StarDust - The Strategic Project on Trans-national Commercial Activities in Research & Innovation, Clusters and in SME-Networks
  • QUICK IGA - Innovative SMEs by Gender and Age
  • PlasTEP - Dissemination and fostering of plasma based technological innovation for environment protection in BSR
  • PlasTEP+ - Attracting investments in plasma-based air and water cleaning technologies
  • SCIENCE LINK - Network between world-leading Cluster of large-scale Research Infrastructure of Photon and Neutron Sources and Users fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region