Joined EU: 2004
Capital city: Vilnius
Total area:  65 300 km²
Population:  3.4 million

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Country specific information

Country specific information Lithuania

Responsible national authorities:

National Sub-committee

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First Level Control (FLC)
  1. To find out how to designate first level controller click here.
  2. Further info about FLC in Lithuania:
  3. Template for specification of the controller  (LT) (EN)
  4. First level control report & checklist
  5. First level control confirmation of the project partner´s expenditure
    ... this confirmation is an integral part of the Partner progress report and the Report on cost shares. In case a partner does not use the voluntary template for the Partner progress report and/or the Report on cost shares, the following document has to be completed by the partner's first level controller: First level control confirmation of the project partner's expenditure
  6. First level controller specification for ENPI
  7. Requirements for Audit (LT)
  8. National eligibility Rules for European Territorial Cooperation programmes implemented in Lithuania
  9. Public procurement Rules for Lithuanian organizations that are not contracting authorities

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