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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Longlife - Longlife 2010 International Conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. 24 June 2010

Longlife - Sustainable, energy efficient and resource saving, residential buildings in regard to unified procedures and new and adapted technologies - brings together project partners from five countries around the Baltic Sea, Russia, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Germany. Longlife is an EU project in the Baltic Sea Region Programme. Longlife started in 2009 and works three years to reach the objectives. The International Conference in St. Petersburg is the project midterm conference.
The objectives of Longlife are:
• Improvement of European cooperation in planning, housing industry, building industry, research and practice
• Harmonization of standards for sustainability
• Formulation of innovative approaches in the building economy and solutions for EU-requirements, recommendations
• Quality enhancement of building materials and technologies
• Implementation of innovative technologies in residential buildings and orientation on long-term lifecycle - long life - aspects for operators and users
• Assessment of certification methods for the Longlife residential buildings
• Networking in the Baltic Sea Region between projects involved in sustainability

For further information please look the Programm of Longlife 2010 International Conferenceat under the "Longlife Files" and our Longlife website.

published 15.06.2010