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More issues, less branding: communication seminar for projects

Targeted communication is essential to achieve project results and to reach more key stakeholders. It is worth investing time to agree with project partners what we want to achieve and who are the most important people we are talking to. Once we get in touch with our audiences, we shall rather speak about the issues that project partners are addressing than "branding" the project.

Participants at the Communication Seminar discussed these and many other topics essential in their daily work. Aim of the seminar was to help projects to prepare their communication strategies and practice some skills. A group of 17 communication managers, Joint Technical Secretariat staff and a trainer from Akademie für Publizistik met in Rostock on 15-16 February 2012. The seminar was mainly addressed to projects approved in June 2011.

The next Communication Seminar will take place in Riga on 2-3 May 2012. Communication managers from all projects supported by the Baltic Sea Region Programme are invited to join discussions on communication strategies, new communication trends and enjoy some training by professionals.


Snapshots from the seminar

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published 17.02.2012