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NECL II - Hearing on sulfur regulation on Baltic Sea

NECL II -project will arrange a hearing on the future sulfur regulation on the Baltic Sea, mainly concerning the effects and scenarios for Midnordic cargo transports. Time and place: 7th of June 2012, Sundsvall, Sweden.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has decided that the sulphur content of maritime fuel should not exceed 0,1 % compared to todays 1,0 %, in the Baltic Sea. The cost of maritime fuel is estimated to increase by 50‐55%, leading to an increase of the cost of sea transports of up to 30% and also that more goods will be transported on road and rail.

What will be the consequences:

  • For the industry as transport buyers in the Mid Nordic area?
  • For the shipping and logistic operators?
  • For the environment?
  • For industrial competitiveness?

The hearing will discuss this with representatives and experts from the industry, ports, transport and logistic operators, researchers, national and regional authorities and other stakeholders. The focus will be on modal shift and alternatives transport routes and the potential for use of alternative maritime fuel and measures needed in the ports to handle this.

The outcome of the hearing will contribute to a report on the issue of the consequences of the Sulphur regulation in the NECL II Project WP4.

The seminar will start at 9.30 Wednesday 7 June and end at 16.00. All participants will be invited to a get together and sightseeing of the Port of Sundsvall in the evening the
6 June.

For more information and registration contact, Camilla Nilzén, +46‐191417, +46‐70‐321 13 75, E‐mail:, no later than Friday 1 June.

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published 21.05.2012