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Newsletter nr 4 – Midnordic Green Transport Corridor

Click here to read the latest newsletter of NECL II -project/Midnordic Green Transport Corridor.

In this issue there are following topics:
• International needs should be part of national plans: output from NECL II Mid-term conference
• In the footsteps of our forefathers for the victories of tomorrow
• Sulfur directive approved - scenarios for Midnordic Cargo Transports?(upcoming report later this autumn)
• The Midnordic Green Transport Corridor was promoted at TransRussia-exhibition in April 2012 in Moscow
• Positive news from Karelia, the Finnish and Russian border - NECL II -project plans a visit to Karelia in November 2012
• Finnish Transport Minister Kyllönen visited Port of Kaskinen
- new NECL II -report: Port costs and liner ship survey between port of Kaskinen and Swedish ports
• Developing rail freights on the corridor in Finland - is privatization an answer also for the track between Seinäjoki-Kaskinen?
• Intermodality under fast development along the corridor - examples from Östersund, Ånge and Seinäjoki
• New reports upcoming: E14 and accessibility of ports in Västernorrland - possibility to give comments by 3 October
• The ICT -system of NECL II will be presented at IEEM 2012 in December in Hong Kong
• NECL II has commented the Swedish national NDPTL -proposal
• Check out our new film animation:

Thank you for reading and hopefully even distributing the newsletter further to interested!

North East Cargo Link (NECL) II is an EU-project part-financed by Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. The goal is to develop and promote the east-west Midnordic Green Transport Corridor as a cost-effective alternative transport route

Please, don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or possible cooperation and development ideas.

published 24.09.2012