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Statements for better infrastructure

NECL II -project has delivered statements for national infrastructure authorities.

The first statement was done after a study tour in Finland and indicates following:

- It would be to the benefit of Finland as a whole if common development actions were to be directed to promoting both national and international transportation and to adopting the supportive European quality systems. By this means, new permanent employment opportunities would arise and the operational conditions of export companies in Finland would be improved.

- Funding must be allocated for implementation of the basic rehabilitation of the Seinäjoki-Kaskinen railway starting from 2012. Deepening the port channel of Kaskinen is part of this work, and it ensures the conditions for the transportation of new streams of goods from the port.

- Parikkala-Syväoro's border-crossing station must promptly be  given the status of a permanent international facility of this kind. This will enable it to fully serve the passenger and freight traffic traversing the border between Finland and Russia.

The second, made by Midnordic Committee after a joint east-west communication seminar in Norway, demands better infrastructure in order to improve competitiveness in the Midnordic region. The importance of improvements is highlighted by the forthcoming sulphur directive, which will change the transportation routes of the Baltic Region.

Both statements are available on .


published 21.11.2011