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NECL II - The Midnordic Transport Study

The Midnordic Transport Study analysed eastwest transport routes across the corridor, especially in Finland, and compared their competitiveness in regard to other routes in Northern Europe.

As a result of the study, recommendations for developing actions have been drafted.

The Midnordic Transport Study compared the competitiveness of several selected international transport routes regarding transport length and speed, emission costs, and logistics service level.

The routes compared in Finland consisted of a number of selected routes between west‐coast ports and Finnish‐Russian border‐stations.(The study was partly made from the Central Finland point of view).

The study found that the main challenge for the west‐coast ports is the small supply of liner traffic services.

The study also suggests the regions along the Midnordic Corridor focus their joint development efforts on logistics cooperation in exports to Russia. The St. Petersburg region alone offers notable export potential for consumer goods.

With regional cooperation, it is possible to create competitive supply chains also for SMEs. Furthermore, export cooperation in machinery and chemistry sectors may develop rail transport to more distant destinations in Russia and, for example, in Kazakhstan.


published 25.06.2013