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PURE - Searching for new local actors to protect the Baltic Sea in co-operation

Good local practices gained from various water protection programmes were presented to decision-makers in Tallinn on Wednesday, 16 March 2011.

Municipalities, cities and water companies have a central role in implementing locally the national and international goals for protecting the Baltic Sea. Over 130 local actors that are strategic for the Baltic Sea protection participated the event "Local Actors as Forerunners - Concrete Achievements and Links to International Covenants in Baltic Sea Protection"in Tallinn on 16 March. These included water company managers and specialists as well as politicians and civil servants from the municipalities, cities' networks and ministries of the Baltic Sea region.

New actors were searched for protecting the Baltic Sea from Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Belarus. The region's local actors were challenged to review the impact of their actions on the Baltic Sea and to commence programmes that will reduce the nutrient load imposed to the sea. PURE was one of the organisers of the event and held also a project meeting in Tallinn.

See more details in the event's press release in the PURE files in the project database of these BSRP pages!

published 22.03.2011