Mid-term self-evaluation

Why mid-term self-evaluation is needed?

  • it helps to check the state of the project implementation &
  • it estimates whether the project leads to the achievement of the planned results


  • it shall be carried out in the middle of the project's implementation phase
  • a mid-term self evaluation report shall be submitted to the Secretariat together with the third or fourth progress report

In order to help projects with the mid-term self-evaluation Secretariat has prepared Guidance on mid-term self-evaluation of a project. It is concise document, which explains:

  • the purpose of the evaluation
  • who shall carry out the evaluation
  • which elements shall the evaluation include
  • which method shall be used
  • how the outcomes of the evaluation shall be used

The Secretariat has also developed a voluntary template for the mid-term self-evaluation report. However, it is not compulsory for the project to use this template.