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Project acronym: Longlife Invest

Project title: Longlife Invest – The implementation of the planned Lithuanian Longlife pilot project as a dormitory for Klaipeda University

Application call: 9

Priority: 4. Attractive & competitive cities and regions

Project website: www.longlife-invest.eu

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Lead Partner:

Technische Universität Berlin
Sekretariat A16, Institut für Architektur, Straße des 17. Juni 152
10623 Berlin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Rueckert
E-mail: klaus.rueckert@tu-berlin.de
Phone: +49 30 314 218 45
Fax: +49 30 314 218 44

Project Manager:

Kiefel und Partner GmbH
Berliner Straße 103
14467 Potsdam
Maria-Ilona Kiefel
E-mail: info@kiefelundpartner.de
Phone: .+49 30 80 36 242
Fax: +49 30 80 40 22 80

Information Manager:

Kiefel und Partner GmbH
Berliner Straße 103
14467 Potsdam
Maria-Ilona Kiefel
E-mail: info@kiefelundpartner.de
Phone: +49 30 803 62 42
Fax: +49 30 80 40 22 80

Summary description of the project:

We expect to have the security of supply of energy all days. This is a dream. We are all depended from others and the costs in Europe as an importer of fuel as the current main basis for energy production are high. 40% of energy is needed for heating and cooling. Approx. 400 Mio EUR/year in Europe are needed to import fuel for heating and cooling.

The project Longlife Invest will show the possibility to be more Energy independent. The solution is a new type of building-a building with minimized costs for energy supply, a low carbon energy system with innovative technologies and costs, which are in the market. Longlife Invest is realizing this Longlife building as a new dormitory for the Klaipeda University until summer 2015. Klaipeda University is the investor and the owner. The implementation of the dormitory as a Longlife building is a great opportunity to design this building technologically more energy-efficient and attractive as a pilot project for investors who are analyzing

possibilities to invest in Lithuania and BSR. We wish to mobilize the private sector where is the most of the capital for further investments. Longlife Invest is the exemplary implementation of the developed Lithuanian pilot project in the main stage project Longlife. Longlife has developed benchmarks to optimize the structural design and building technology system to design sustainable, energy-efficient and affordable buildings. In the life cycle of the building it leads to reduction of CO2 emissions, fossil energy consumption and minimization of operational costs. By comparing the initial and operating costs of a "conventional" building and a Longlife building, the owner will save money with the Longlife building in its lifecycle.

The execution design process started after signing the contract with the construction company, AB “Panevezio statybos trestas” (PST) in June 2014. SPS Centras made the project expertise in October 2014 as precondition to apply for the building permit.

The building permit was issued on 10 December. Immediately the construction started on 12 December 2014.

The transnational project team worked much closed with PST to transfer the Longlife knowledge. The student dormitory is the first nonresidential building in Lithuania according the new energy efficiency regulation which will be a law up 2016. The investor, Klaipeda University, is realizing the new dormitory as a building in the class A of energy-efficiency before the Lithuanian regulation is an official law. It was a hard work to find the best option for using renewable energy technologies.

The proposed wood pellet technology for heating and warm water preparation in the preliminary design was replaced in the execution design for the building permit. According to the further development of the campus as an eco-campus it was decided to use the geothermal energy, which is reachable in the underground of the university area.

Achievements of the project so far:

The main output of the project is one completed block of a new student dormitory for Klaipeda University. This new building is energy- and cost-efficient, has low CO2 emission and low operating cost in its life cycle. This is the implementation of Longlife standards, developed in the previous project. Geothermal energy, as renewable energy source, is using for heating and hot water producing.

We hope that engineers and architects will visit in the future the new dormitory as a best practice example for affordable sustainability.

The General documentation with building plans, construction design, technical concepts, and tender description is providing the knowledge of sustainable planning and construction on approx. 300 pages. It is also a documentation of trustful cooperation and the first implementation of Longlife standards and the new regulation for energy-efficiency in Lithuania. The new student dormitory is an investment of Klaipeda

University with financial support

of Lithuanian Turto Banka. Klaipeda University gets more students. All students require accommodation. This indicates that the student dormitory is urgently required. The campus of Klaipeda University is a conversion area. The area was used by the soviet army until 1994. There are some of such conversation areas in the BSR. The civil use of former military property has also a transnational value.

This new dormitory is a contribution to the EU 2020 strategy. Around 40% of the energy consumption in the EU is due to existing buildings. According to this background, a high potential for energy savings exists in the building sector.

Longlife and Longlife Invest focus on new buildings. Already in the planning phase begins the minimization of energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources. The Longlife Prototype Catalogue is a tool for architects and engineers supporting their work. The guideline for using the Longlife Prototype Catalogue will streamline the planning.

We wish that architects and engineers will work with the Longlife Prototype Catalogue. Longlife Invest got a prolongation, because the tender procedure needed more time to select the construction company. In June 2014 the contract between Klaipeda University and PST, the Lithuanian construction company, was signed. PST used the preliminary design documentation, prepared by the project.

It was planned to use a wood pellet system. Klaipeda University realized with a separate project the use of the geothermal energy, which is reachable in the underground of the campus. Renewable energy will be used for the dormitory and also in the future for the whole campus.

The construction of the new dormitory started on 12 December 2014 and the completion is planned for the end of 2015. In the frame of the official start of construction the poster exhibition was opened. The construction site webcam is working since November 2014. On the project webpage the process of construction can be monitored.

Project Duration: Dec 2012 - May 2015
Approximate total project budget in EUR: 1.535.000,00
ERDF co-financing: 1.247.680,00
ENPI co-financing: 0,00
Norwegian national contribution: 0,00

List of partners

University of Technology Berlin
10623 Berlin | GERMANY
Sekretariat A16, Institut für Architektur, Straße
Region: Berlin
Contact person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Rueckert
Phone: +49 30 314 218 45
E-mail: klaus.rueckert@tu-berlin.de
Web: www.tek.tu-berlin.de
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:542.000,00
ERDF co-financing:406.500,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Longlife Institute e.V.
12203 Berlin | GERMANY
Hortensienplatz 5
Region: Berlin
Contact person: Maria-Ilona Kiefel
Phone: +49 30 803 62 42
E-mail: office@longlife-institute.org
Web: www.longlife-institute.org
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:28.700,00
ERDF co-financing:21.525,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Gediminas University of Technology, Vilnius
LT 01132 Vilnius | LITHUANIA
Sauletekio al.11
Region: Lietuva
Contact person: Prof. Josifas Parasonis
Phone: +370 5 274 5248
E-mail: josifas.parasonis@vgtu.lt
Web: www.st.vgtu.lt
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:150.000,00
ERDF co-financing:127.500,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
University of Klaipeda
LT-92294 Klaipeda | LITHUANIA
Herkuas Manto str. 84
Region: Lietuva
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Rimantas Didziokas
Phone: +370 (8 46) 398930
E-mail: rimantas.didziokas@ku.lt
Web: www.ku.lt
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:365.000,00
ERDF co-financing:310.250,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Building Planning Systematics Centre
LT-09311 Vilnius | LITHUANIA
A. Juozapaviciaus 9-1103
Region: Lietuva
Contact person: Josifas Parasonis
Phone: +370 5 2722662
E-mail: spscentras@parkas.lt
Web: no webpage yet
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:187.360,00
ERDF co-financing:159.256,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
University of Technology Gdansk
80952 Gdansk | POLAND
11/12 Narutowicza Street
Region: Pomorskie
Contact person: Prof. Dr. Jacek Tejchman-Konarzewski
Phone: +48 58 347 1481
E-mail: jacek.tejchman-konarzewski@wilis.pg.gda.pl
Web: http://www.pg.gda.pl/
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:138.500,00
ERDF co-financing:117.725,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Central Mining Institute
40-166 Katowice | POLAND
Plac Gwarkow 1
Region: Slaskie
Contact person: Dr. Włodzimierz A.Sokół
Phone: +48 32 259 22 11
E-mail: w.sokol@gig.eu
Web: www.gig.eu
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:123.440,00
ERDF co-financing:104.924,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00