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PURE - Publication on sludge management - plan presented in HELCOM meeting

One of PURE's main outputs will be a Book of Good Practices on sustainable urban sewage sludge management. The book is in the drafting phase and will be ready by the Final Conference that will be held in Gdansk on 16-18 October 2012.

The status of PURE project and especially the planned content and status of the Book were presented this week in HELCOM Land-based pollution group's meeting on 8-10 May in Warsaw.

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Project acronym: PURE

Project title: Project on Urban Reduction of Eutrophication

Application call: 2

Priority: 3. Baltic Sea as a common resource

Project website:

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Lead Partner:

ItÀmeren kaupunkien liiton YmpÀristösihteeristö/Turun kaupunki
Vanha suurtori 7
20500 Turku
Hannamaria Yliruusi
E-mail: hannamaria.yliruusi@ubc.net
Phone: +358 2 262 3169
Fax: +358 2 262 3425

Project Manager:

ItÀmeren kaupunkien liiton YmpÀristösihteeristö/Turun kaupunki
Vanha suurtori 7
20500 Turku
Björn Grönholm
E-mail: bjorn.gronholm@ubc.net
Phone: +358 2 262 3172
Fax: +358 2 262 3425

Information Manager:

Katajanokanlaituri 6 B
00160 Helsinki
Lotta Ruokanen
E-mail: lotta.ruokanen@helcom.fi
Phone: +358 40 162 2054
Fax: +358 207 142 645

Summary description of the project:

Eutrophication is a major environmental problem in the Baltic Sea, resulting in e.g. toxic algal blooms, and eventually reducing the welfare of the region. It is caused by excessive nutrient loading entering the sea mainly from land, and reduction of especially phosphorus load is urgently needed for improving the state of the sea. Advanced phosphorus removal from municipal sewage is fast and efficient way to combat eutrophication. Efficient techniques to remove phosphorus from wastewater are in use e.g. in the Nordic countries, but there are still numerous wastewater treatment facilities in the region that require updating. Moreover, efficient phosphorus removal increases the amount of wastewater sludge, and ensuring sustainable sludge management is a problem even in many modern treatment plants.

Project on Urban Reduction of Europhication prepared and implemented concrete, voluntary investments in municipalities by transnational cooperation to reduce the eutrophication of the

Baltic Sea. Project partners aimed to achieve an average annual concentration of 0.5 mg phosphorus/litre in treated wastewaters, as is recommended by the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan. PURE also created a forum for experience exchange by seminars and study visits for waste water treatment plants in Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Poland. The exemplary partners from Germany and Finland provided benchmarking of advanced sewage and sludge treatment practices and data management, respectively. PURE Benchmark data tool was produced for municipalities and wastewater treatment plants for reporting and anonymous benchmarking. PURE aimed at annual reduction of 300-500 tons of phosphorus load to the Baltic Sea. Technical audits established the most cost-effective measures on each plant. Investments for phosphorus removal and sludge handling in Riga, Jurmala and Brest were supplied, installed and put into operation.

Sludge handling practices of the partners were reviewed and a comprehensive publication on sustainable sludge management was compiled. “Good practices in sludge management”, first of its kind in the region, presents technical solutions used in sludge handling and disposal processes, compares the results achievable by different techniques, and explores relevant emerging technologies and legal limitations for the further sewage sludge use. The book is available in English, Russian, German, Latvian and Polish on PURE website. Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC) Commission on Environment (Lead partner), John Nurminen Foundation (investment coordinator) and HELCOM (communication coordinator) implemented PURE together with cities (Gdansk and Mariehamn) and municipal WWTPs (Riga, Jurmala, Brest, Szczecin, Kohtla-JĂ€rve and LĂŒbeck).

Achievements of the project so far:

Technical audits in five wastewater treatment plants (Brest, Gdansk, Jurmala, Kohtla-JĂ€rve and Szczecin) were done by consultant together with the project partners. Audits contain suggestions for each audited plant on how to develop treatment processes and to reach 0.5 mg phosphorus/l in outgoing water. The audit reports are available on the PURE website also for use of other water companies. Equipment and processes on several sewage treatment plants on the Baltic Sea watershed have been permanently improved. Investment plans were prepared, public procurements for purchasing the equipment done; deliveries, installations and putting into operation at the partner treatment plants were accomplished. Investments for phosphorus removal included flow meters, precipitant dosing container and sludge dewatering centrifuge in Riga. Investment in Jurmala consisted of adjustments of biological treatment basin walls, flow meters and pressure sensor and a polymer unit. The investment in Brest

included construction works of the chemical storing and dosing station, and the equipment for chemical dosing and laboratory analyses. Three PURE partner treatment plants were deleted from the HELCOM hot spots list of the worst polluters of the Baltic Sea: Kohtla-JĂ€rve (Estonia), and the two treatment plants in Szczecin (Poland). PURE Benchmark online database (www.purebenchmark.net) was created. The purpose of the tool is to gather descriptive information of the technology used in waste water treatment plants and nutrient inputs from municipalities in the Baltic Sea region. The basis is on local level activity; municipalities and their wastewater treatment plants have an access to their own data, and can update it. Sustainable sewage sludge management was one of the ongoing topics. HELCOM started the work for updating its municipal sewage recommendations to include sustainable sludge management in the scope, using the comprehensive PURE sludge publication as a background material.

There has been a lot of discussion on different international, national and local fora of the importance of efficient municipal sewage treatment for combating eutrophication. From the Baltic Cities Summit in connection with the HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, to different EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region events, articles on public media to the Final Conference of PURE, the local level achievements and challenges in reducing nutrient loading have been on the agenda. Brochures, e.g. “Our Common Challenge – Eutrophication” were published. Electronic Newsletters were distributed among important stakeholders like water companies and municipalities and their networks, national and EU authorities and international financial institutions. Themes for the newsletters were sewage loading data issues, sustainable sludge management and presenting the investments of the project. All the published materials are available on the PURE website.

Project Duration: Sep 2009 - Jun 2013
Approximate total project budget in EUR: 3.180.680,00
ERDF co-financing: 2.030.150,00
ENPI co-financing: 540.208,00
Norwegian national contribution: 0,00

List of partners

Union of the Baltic Cities Commission on Environment Secretariat/City of Turku
20500 Turku | FINLAND
Vanha suurtori 7
Region: EtelÀ-Suomi
Contact person: Hannamaria Yliruusi
Phone: +358 2 262 3169
E-mail: hannamaria.yliruusi@ubc.net
Web: www.ubc-environment.net
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:672.682,00
ERDF co-financing:454.942,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
John Nurminen Foundation
240 Helsinki | FINLAND
Pasilankatu 2
Region: EtelÀ-Suomi
Contact person: Marjukka Porvari
Phone: +358 41 549 1535
E-mail: marjukka.porvari@johnnurminen.com
Web: www.johnnurmisensaatio.fi / www.cleanbalticsea.fi
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:736.324,00
ERDF co-financing:486.843,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Riga Water Ltd.
1495 Riga | LATVIA
Z.A. Meierovica Boulevard 1
Region: Latvija
Contact person: Ms. Dagnija KalniƆa
Phone: +371 67088555
E-mail: office@rigasudens.lv
Web: http://www.rigasudens.lv
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:359.670,00
ERDF co-financing:305.719,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Brest Municipal Unitary Water and Wastewater Enterprise Vodokanal
224024 Brest | BELARUS
125 Krasnogvardeyskaya str
Region: Brestskaya Oblastj.
Contact person: Mihail S. Sats
Phone: +375162452168
E-mail: box@bpvkh.belpak.brest.by
Web: not available
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:446.940,00
ERDF co-financing:0,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission HELCOM
160 Helsinki | FINLAND
Katajanokanlaituri 6 B
Region: EtelÀ-Suomi
Contact person: Anne Christine Brusendorff
Phone: +358 207 412 649
E-mail: anne.christine.brusendorff@helcom.fi
Web: www.helcom.fi
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:172.720,00
ERDF co-financing:129.540,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Sewage Management Facilities LĂŒbeck
23560 LĂŒbeck | GERMANY
Malmö strasse 2
Region: Schleswig-Holstein
Contact person: Enno Thyen
Phone: 0451 40009 101
E-mail: enno.thyen@ebhl.de
Web: http://www.entsorgung.luebeck.de/
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:97.570,00
ERDF co-financing:73.177,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Municipality of Gdansk
80803 Gdansk | POLAND
Nowe Ogrody 8/12
Region: Pomorskie
Contact person: Dagmara Kmiecik
Phone: +4858 3237081
E-mail: d.kmiecik@gdansk.gda.pl
Web: www.gdansk.pl
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:61.820,00
ERDF co-financing:52.547,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Mariehamn Town
AX-22101 Mariehamn | FINLAND
Pb 5
Region: Åland
Contact person: Jan Westerberg
Phone: +358 18531250
E-mail: jan.westerberg@mariehamn.ax
Web: www.mariehamn.ax
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:106.300,00
ERDF co-financing:79.725,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
JĂ€rve Biopuhastus
41536 JÔhvi | ESTONIA
Tartu mnt 2
Region: Eesti
Contact person: Vladislav Petuhhov
Phone: +372 33 64 683
E-mail: vlad@idavesi.ee
Web: www.idavesi.ee
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:49.800,00
ERDF co-financing:42.330,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Jurmala Water
LV – 2015 JĆ«rmala | LATVIA
Promenādes iela 1a
Region: Latvija
Contact person: Guntis Klive
Phone: +37126353424
E-mail: piu@udens.com/guntis_klive@yahoo.com
Web: http://www.jurmalasudens.lv
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:391.360,00
ERDF co-financing:332.656,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
ZWIK - Water and Sewage Company of Szczecin
70-010 Szczecin | POLAND
54 Szczawiowa St
Region: Zachodniopomorskie
Contact person: Elzbieta Ostatek
Phone: +48914851620
E-mail: e.ostatek@zwik.szczecin.pl
Web: Not available
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:85.490,00
ERDF co-financing:72.666,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00