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IBI Net - IBI Net Project starts independent life with conference and forum of business incubators

With conference and forum about future of business incubators international network of business incubators „Intercountry Business Incubator Network" (IBI Net) starts independent operating. "IBI Net" is collaboration platform, which unites all business incubators, enterprises and policy makers from Baltic Sea region countries.
It means that after work for two and a half years IBI Net project has ended. Thanks to this project business incubators in future will get chance to grow from local to global players, exchange their knowledge, experience and contacts with incubators from other countries.

On May 14 Business incubators forum took place in Riga. Within frameworks of the Forum business incubators form Baltic Sea Region presented examples of good practice and experience, met with experts and professionals of the field to discuss problems and search for the most innovative solutions, as well as joined collaboration network of IBI Net.

In its turn on May 15 was dedicated to closing conference of the Project, which included discussion about role of business incubators in development of Baltic Sea Region, their support in regional development, as well as future opportunities of IBI Net collaboration network.

Inga Brieze: „I want to say big thank you for all partners of the Project for all the great job they did. From one side this is the end of big work done during two years, from the other side it is large satisfaction knowing that the project was start of good changes, which will improve economies of all our countries."

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Project acronym: IBI Net

Project title: "Intercountry Business Incubators’ Network"

Application call: 2

Priority: 1. Fostering innovations

Project website:

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Lead Partner:

Riga Planning Region
Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 18
LV 1050 Riga
Mr Jānis Miezeris
E-mail: janis.miezeris@rpr.gov.lv
Phone: + 371 6 7226430
Fax: + 371 6 7226431

Project Manager:

Riga Planning Region
Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 18
LV 1050 Riga
Ms Inga Brieze
E-mail: inga.brieze@rpr.gov.lv
Phone: +371 67559823
Fax: +371 67226431

Information Manager:



Summary description of the project:

IBI Net is a cooperation platform for business incubators in the Baltic Sea Region. Seven business incubators and technology centres in six BSR countries now cooperate and communicate on a regular basis using www.ibi-net.eu. The network helps business incubators to offer business support services based on best practice in the region.

IBI NET (Intercountry Business Incubators’ Network) was led by Riga Planning Region (RPR), the planning authority for Riga and the surrounding region. RPR coordinated the cooperation of six other partners representing regional and local authorities, universities, business incubators and technology centres from Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany. The Leningrad Business Support Centre was associated partner.

Business incubators are important agents in nurturing and promoting the development of innovative and export oriented SMEs. Every region around the Baltic Sea has got its own business incubators, with multiple instruments and procedures to support start-ups and young, growing enterprises. The diversity of incubator organisations is a rich source for project members to learn from each other. Therefore IBI NET aimed to establish a transnational business incubator network as a platform to continuously exchange information, know-how, experience and technologies in order to foster the development of innovative SMEs in the entire Baltic Sea Region. The international network helps business incubators to offer support services based on best practice gathered in the region. Equally, it inspires policy makers on national and regional levels to build innovation and business support systems based on examples of leaders in innovation systems in the region.

Achievements of the project so far:

Project achievements are as follows:

• The Analysis about business incubators in BSR – services and management capacity development needs “Business Incubators in the Baltic Sea Region – ways to increase quality and effectiveness”. The findings and recommendations of the Analysis disseminated to the project stakeholders: business incubators, local and regional municipalities. The analysis included 15 business incubators in partner countries revealing the status quo and development needs of business incubators based on data about their history of development, financing structure, processes and services, management aspects and follow up to incumbent SMEs. Analysis was completed in June 2011.

• IBI Net association. To ensure IBI Net Network sustainability and further development beyond the project, the association IBI Net e.V. (International Business Incubator Network) in September 2011, in Berlin, Germany was founded. IBI Net e.V. is a network for establishing and strengthening the

transnational business incubator network and for technology- and knowledge transfer within Europe. Currently the members of Association include: Technology Centre of Western Pomerania (Germany), Innovation Centre Hedmark (Norway); State Enterprise "Scientific - Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic"" (Belarus); Riga Technical University (Latvia); Teknikdalen Foundation (Sweden) and Riga Region Business Development Incubator (Latvia). IBI Net is focussing on business incubators but also cooperates with technology centres, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), universities, public institutions and other important actors. The strenght of IBI Net depends on the strength of the individual members. It coordinates the existing partnerships, activities of the network as well as it stimulates the creation of new partnerships.

• IBI Net portal (www.ibi-net.eu) developed by Riga Technical University is an on-line centralized information source and platform for cooperation and information exchange among IBI Net network member organizations (incubators) and their companies. Portal contains information about partner business incubators, incumbent companies – their products, services, cooperation offers, business proposals and contact information. It provides automatic and manual data collection tool from Business incubator websites and a search tool.

• ICT Tool for monitoring development of BI companies elaborated and available to consultants and coaches of business incubators.

• Already in the lifetime of the project IBI Net Guidelines: the action plan for further IBI Net activities and strategic development goals elaborated and adopted by regional policy makers.

• Financial guidelines outlining funding options of business incubators based on BSR best examples were developed.

Project Duration: Sep 2009 - Jun 2012
Approximate total project budget in EUR: 677.050,00
ERDF co-financing: 414.105,00
ENPI co-financing: 90.405,00
Norwegian national contribution: 34.400,00

List of partners

Riga Planning Region
LV 1050 Riga | LATVIA
Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 18
Region: Latvija
Contact person: Mr Jānis Miezeris
Phone: + 371 6 7226430
E-mail: janis.miezeris@rpr.gov.lv
Web: www.rpr.gov.lv
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:134.100,00
ERDF co-financing:113.985,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Riga Technical University
LV1658 Riga | LATVIA
Kaļķu iela 1
Region: Latvija
Contact person: Mr Rihards Zariņš
Phone: + 371 67089642
E-mail: rihards.zarins@rtu.lv
Web: www.rtu.lv
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:92.100,00
ERDF co-financing:78.285,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Teknikdalen Foundation
78127 Borlänge | SWEDEN
Box 760
Region: Norra Mellansverige
Contact person: Bengt Fahlgren, MD
Phone: +46 243 73400
E-mail: Bengt.fahlgren@teknikdalen.se
Web: www.teknikdalen.se
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:69.600,00
ERDF co-financing:52.200,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
The City Commune of Elblag
82-300 Elbląg | POLAND
Łączności 1 Street
Region: Warminsko-Mazurskie
Contact person: Ms Agata Prystupa Junior Inspector of cross-border cooperation
Phone: + 48 55 239 30 00
E-mail: umelblag@umelblag.pl
Web: www.umelblag.pl
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:106.350,00
ERDF co-financing:90.397,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Center of Technology Western-Pomerania (TZV)
D-17489 Greifswald | GERMANY
Brandteichstrasse 20
Region: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Contact person: Mr Mario Kokowsky
Phone: +49 (3834) 550100
E-mail: kokowsky@technologiezentrum.de
Web: www.technologiezentrum.de
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:105.650,00
ERDF co-financing:79.237,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Scientific and Technological Park BNTU "Polytechnic"
220013 Minsk | BELARUS
Kolasa str., 24
Region: Minskaya Oblastj, g. Minsk.
Contact person: Ms Lyudmila Shmygova, Director
Phone: +375 17 292 83 42
E-mail: shmygova@icm.by
Web: www.metolit.by
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:100.450,00
ERDF co-financing:0,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Innovation Centre Hedmark
N – 2317 Hamar | NORWAY
Holsetgata 22
Region: Hedmark og Oppland
Contact person: Arild Lande, Consultant business development
Phone: +47 90133674
E-mail: arild.lande@k-h.no
Web: www.k-h.no
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:68.800,00
ERDF co-financing:0,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:34.400,00