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  1. How to get maximum impact from WoHIT - BSHR HealthPort Workshop
  2. 04.04.2012 13:00
  3. 04.04.2012 16:00
  4. Helsinki
  5. The workshop in Helsinki 4t April 13.00 - 16.00 p.m is organised by Culminatum Innovation and Turku Science Park and takes place at Katariinankatu 3, Helsinki.

    During the seminar you will learn about:

    • current trends in eHealth in Europe
    • experiences about how to access the health care market in Europe
    • WoHIT event and Finnish SMEs participating in the competition for best eHealth solution 2012

    BSHR HealthPorts forms part of the EU Baltic Sea Region strategy¨s flagship ScanBalt Health Region.

    For further information and registration please see http://www.scanbalt.org/press/news+archive/view?id=2719

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Project acronym: BSHR HealthPort

Project title: Baltic Sea Health Region - Business acceleration support and training bridging innovative SMEs and health care organisations to strengthen BSR health economy

Application call: 3

Priority: 1. Fostering innovations

Project website: www.scanbalt.org/projects

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Lead Partner:

ScanBalt f.m.b.a.
c/o Frank, Allegade 14, 4tv
2000 Frederiksberg
Peter Frank
E-mail: pf@scanbalt.org
Phone: 0045 27141078
Fax: N/A

Project Manager:

ScanBalt f.m.b.a.
c/o Frank, Allegade 14, 4tv
2000 Frederiksberg
Peter Frank
E-mail: pf@scanbalt.org
Phone: 00 45 27141078
Fax: N/A

Information Manager:

Steinbeis-Forschungszentrum Technologie-Management Nordost
R.-Wagner-Str. 6
18055 Rostock
Frank Graage
E-mail: graage@steinbeis-nordost.de
Phone: 0049 381 2106610

Summary description of the project:

EU health care sector spending ranges from 5-11% of regional GDP facing further increase due to demographic development & cost increase in drug & technology development. At the same time a paradigm shift occurs: health care is not only seen as a cost factor but also as a driver of economy & an important factor of employment. However health care is split into sectors which function separately: health care providers, enterprises, research institutions, regulatory & financing institutions. BSHR HealthPort aims at bridging the existing cross-sectoral gaps by involving the regional key actors in the value chain of health care innovations. Specifically BSHR HealthPort adresses following key bottlenecks: 1) Insufficient commercial exploitation of ideas proposed by health care researchers and practitioners 2) Procurement practices limiting access of innovative SMEs to the health care market 3) Insufficient innovation competencies of and cultural differences between the target groups

Key objectives

1) Set up cross-sectoral innovation market (“HealthPort”) involving all health care related sectors.

2) Promote SME business development and facilitate their access to the health care market by identifying cross-sectoral pilot cases and increasing SME access to financing.

3) Enhance innovation competencies of the involved actors with tailor-made cross-sectoral programmes

4) Develop regional innovation agendas and align them towards a BSR wide “health economy strategy” to improve healthcare by reducing costs and enhancing regional economic development.

BSHR HealthPort partners and associated organizations cover all health care related sectors and comprise expertise from triple helix organizations, public authorities, health care providers, industries, universities, financing institutions, as well as owners of health care providers. Their competence and experience allow effective and fast implementation of the project’s results across borders and between sectors.

Work packages & activities

- WP3 is designed to increase the cross-sectoral knowledge of all actors and improve the success ratio of technology transfer/business development by tapping into competence of regional networks, institutes and health care providers

- WP4 will deal with enhancing regional and BSR wide care market access for SMEs by offering support in procurement practises and matchmaking between health care providers and SMEs - WP5 focuses on increasing the case flow from health care practitioners to SMEs by installing a 2-stage HealthPort idea competition with involvement of financing institutions

- WP6 is dedicated to setting up an Innovation Agenda of the BSR Health Economy through the BSHR Advisory Board. The Agenda shall ensure sustainability of project results by cross-sectoral alignment with regional, national or BSR wide strategies.

Achievements of the project so far:

BSHR HealthPort forms an integrated and important part of the BSHR flagship project with the goal of Baltic Sea Region to become a globally leading and prosperous “Health Region”. To the end of the project HealthPort achieved the following results:

- Finalysing the second phase with advanced support of 2 business cases to transform them into a VC compatible business cases;

-The business concept and feedback to courses of the educational platform are discussed and aligned in ScanBalt meetings

-The 7 selected pilot cases in transnational procurement are finalised with their expert consultations and recommendations were drawn from

-The innovation agenda reached the final phase and was presented and discussed at various occasions

-12th ScanBalt Forum has successfully hosted the HealthPort workshops and final meeting in October in Gdansk

-A press conference at the final meeting gave an additional chance to present the project results

Project Duration: Sep 2010 - Dec 2013
Approximate total project budget in EUR: 2.481.650,00
ERDF co-financing: 1.905.120,00
ENPI co-financing: 0,00
Norwegian national contribution: 0,00

List of partners

ScanBalt f.m.b.a.
2000 Frederiksberg | DENMARK
c/o Frank, Allegade 14, 4tv
Region: Hovedstaden
Contact person: Peter Frank
Phone: 0045 27141078
E-mail: pf@scanbalt.org
Web: www.scanbalt.org
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:424.920,00
ERDF co-financing:318.690,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
North Denmark Region
9220 Aalborg Ø | DENMARK
Niels Bohrs Vej 30
Region: Nordjylland
Contact person: Gorm Simonsen
Phone: +45 9635 1302
E-mail: gorm.simonsen@rn.dk
Web: www.rn.dk
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:340.524,00
ERDF co-financing:255.393,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Entrepreneurship Development Centre for Biotechnology and Medicine
50410 Tartu | ESTONIA
Tiigi 61b
Region: Eesti
Contact person: Jaanus Pikani
Phone: +372 66 919 68
E-mail: jaanus@biopark.ee
Web: www.biomed.ee
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:261.137,00
ERDF co-financing:221.967,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
BioCon Valley
17489 Greifswald | GERMANY
Walther-Rathenau-Str. 49a
Region: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Contact person: Wolfgang Blank
Phone: +493834 515300
E-mail: wb@bcv.org
Web: www.bcv.org
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:337.220,00
ERDF co-financing:252.915,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Turku Science Park
20520 Turku | FINLAND
Itäinen Tykistökatu 4B
Region: Etelä-Suomi
Contact person: Tero Piispanen
Phone: +358 2 8803 100
E-mail: tero.piispanen@turkusciencepark.com
Web: www.turkusciencepark.com
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:135.000,00
ERDF co-financing:101.250,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
InnoBaltica Sp. z o.o.
80-172 Gdańsk | POLAND
Trzy Lipy 3
Region: Pomorskie
Contact person: Jarosław Pawłowski, Joanna Oberbek
Phone: +4858 739 77 17
E-mail: innobaltica@innobaltica.eu
Web: www.biobaltica.eu
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:66.675,00
ERDF co-financing:56.673,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Vilnius University Institute of Biotechnology
2241 Vilnius | LITHUANIA
Graiciuno 8
Region: Lietuva
Contact person: Daumantas Matulis, Leonas Grinius
Phone: +37052691884
E-mail: matulis@ibt,lt, grinius@ibt.lt
Web: www.ibt.lt
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:111.000,00
ERDF co-financing:94.350,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
University of Gothenburg
405 30 Göteborg | SWEDEN
Box 100
Region: Västsverige
Contact person: Boo Edgar
Phone: +46 31 786 00 00
E-mail: boo.edgar@gu.se
Web: www.gu.se
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:421.476,00
ERDF co-financing:316.107,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00
Culminatum Innovation Oy Ltd
2150 Espoo | FINLAND
Tekniikantie 12FI
Region: Etelä-Suomi
Contact person: Riikka Paasikivi
Phone: +358 20 7619 550
E-mail: Riikka.paasikivi@culminatum.fi
Web: www.culminatum.fi
Approximate total partner budget in EUR:383.700,00
ERDF co-financing:287.775,00
ENPI co-financing:0,00
Norwegian national contribution:0,00