Project Implementation Newsletter (PIN)

The PIN is addressed mainly to the project partners and the first level controllers. In the newsletter we address urgent questions and problems, give technical advice and introduce changes of templates and forms.

Project Implementation Newsletter, March 2014


  • Why we pray eligibility?
  • Feedback from Workshop for finalising projects
  • Retention of ownership after project end

Project Implementation Newsletter, February 2013


  • The straight lane to final payments
  • Avoiding of common mistakes in reports
  • Finalisation of projects and closure phase
  • Outcomes of the on-line surveys

Project Implementation Newsletter, June 2012


  • common mistakes identified during audit and control
  • personnel costs in the cost itemisation list
  • update of the progress report guidance

Project Implementation Newsletter, November 2011


  • Update of Programme Manual
  • Project closure
  • Common mistakes in time-sheets

Project Implementation Newsletter, April 2011


  • Recommendations from the Second Level Audits
  • Threshold for the bid-at-three increased
  • Formulating your indicators

Project Implementation Newsletter, September 2010


  • Why Bid-at-three? Why it is NOT complicated?
  • Proof of payment in IT systems of large organisations
  • How to avoid problems with checksum?