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RBGC Final Conference: Rail Baltic Corridor – Partnership for Growth


After three years of transnational cooperation in the Rail Baltica Growth Corridor (RBGC) project the RBGC final conference Rail Baltic Corridor - Partnership for Growth summed up the results and recommendations to establish the railway link from the Baltic countries to the continental Europe.

Opened by Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Urban Development and the Environment Mr. Michael Müller, the event culminated in the declaration of the Rail Baltica Growth Strategy and a joint declaration by the RBGC partnership - Rail Baltica Memorandum. The Baltic cities and regions declared their support to the European Commission's plan to design a management structure for the core network corridors to strengthen the multilevel governance of the road and rail infrastructure development and its effective coordination.

The RBGC partnership also committed itself to the further transnational co-operation to create an effective governance structure for the cities, regions and non-governmental stakeholders along Rail Baltic to support the work of the core corridor forum. The Rail Baltica Growth Strategy also presents the cross-border development zones as the subsections of Rail Baltic corridor.

DG Move Senior Advisor Mr. James Pond emphasized the need to connect the Eastern Baltic Sea Region to the central Europe with a modern European standard railway connection. He underlined the urgency to gain the political will in these countries to support the project to be funded by the EU up to 85%.

"This is not a zero sum game, it is a win-win operation. The structure is now written, the money is signed off, and we are ready to start getting forward with the design and building of this line", said Mr. Pond.

Mr. Miiko Peris, Project Manager of Rail Baltic from the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication presented the latest updates on the Rail Baltic Joint Venture which will be established to carry out the implementation of the new 1435 mm European gauge railway. As a future owner and developer of the project, Rail Baltic Joint Venture will be responsible for designing the railway in line with the business logic as well as for the efficient use of the EU funding.

"We see that the establishment of such a company would reflect the consensus between the Member States concerned on the final implementation of the project. That would send a clear message that the countries have decided to make Rail Baltic a reality", stated Mr. Peris.

Rail Baltic Express - RBX

The final conference was followed by Rail Baltic Express (RBX), a joint train ride for conference participants from Berlin to Kaunas. On RBX the representatives of the national railway companies and other railway sector experts and stakeholders discussed particularly the development of cross-border passenger and cargo transportation, infrastructure investments along the corridor, and further collaboration perspectives.

Over 150 participants attended the Rail Baltic Corridor - Partnership for Growth conference, and the number of conference passengers on RBX was 100. The RBGC project has been led by the City of Helsinki and coordinated by the Aalto University, Finland

published 25.06.2013