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SCANDRIA - Establishing a European “Biogas Corridor” in heavy goods transport

The Swedish Transport Administration is the leading actor promoting a "biogas transport corridor" from Scandinavia to the Adriatic. As the EU target is to reach a share of 10% renewable energy in the transport sector by 2020, the Swedes conducted a feasibility study of using liquefied biomethane (LBG) in Heavy Duty trucks using energy efficient dual-fuel power train technology. The study, which was elaborated in the framework of the Scandria project, was presented during the Berlin Congress "Fuels of Future" on January 25.

It became clear that liquefied methane is a technology very close to commercialization. Today there is an increasing demand from larger transport buying companies who are now actively searching solutions to lower the carbon footprint from their transports and the replacement of fossil diesel is the key issue.

"The study shows that LBG/LNG definitely has potential to be available within a few years," Ylva Persson from the Swedish Transport Administration concludes. "Moreover, we believe biomethane to be one of the key solutions to reach the ambitious EU emission targets. If LNG is used in energy efficient trucks for heavy duty transport, the environmental performance is improving substantially. And when using LBG, the environmental impact is extremely low compared to the use of diesel."

The study defines several remaining thresholds to overcome - such as a limited choice of truck models, technical incompatibilities as well as a deficient refilling infrastructure. However, it concludes that the solutions to these problems are definitely within reach and recommends to increase the cooperation with other European initiatives in order to push forward the common issue.

  • LBG = Liquefied Biomethane
  • LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Biomethane = Upgraded biogas - same quality as natural gas.
  • Biogas = Renewable methane with high content of carbon dioxide.
  • Natural gas = Fossil methane
  • CNG = Compressed Natural Gas
  • CBG = Compressed Biomethane

published 01.02.2012