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SCANDRIA - HUB 53/12° to improve railway connections in the corridor

HUB 53/12°, an initiative initiated by the Scandria project partner of Neuruppin (city of Brandenburg), strives to improve the connection between the harbours and the hinterland in the Scandria Corridor essentially focusses on the rail as means of transportation.

On 29th of December 2010 the InfraRegio signed the contract to buy the railway track from Neuruppin to Neustadt (Dosse) from the Deutsche Bahn AG.While this railway track was not used for years, it bears the potential to serve as an important component of north-south traffic in the Corridor by linking important enterprises in Neuruppin by railway via the main backbone of the HUB 53/12° to the harbour of Rostock to the marshalling yards of Berlin. This is one of the basic steps of HUB 53/12° to be successful and to strengthen in this way the SCANDRIA-corridor. The first goods train on this railway track should run in spring 2011.

On 12th of January 2011 the mayors of four towns of the so called Cloverleaf Region in the neighbourhood of the city of Neuruppin signed the contract to join HUB 52/12°. The HUB 53/12° covers most of northwest Brandenburg as well as the City of Güstrow. The enlargement of HUB 53/12° opens new possibilities the generate more goods transport on the railway tracks, includes more enterprises in the field of logistics and creates more possibilities to bring new enterprises with the need of good railway connections in the area of HUB 53/12°.

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published 27.01.2011