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Scandria submits TEN-T position paper to European Commission

On behalf of the Scandria project partners, the Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg submitted a joint TEN-T position paper to the European Commission on 13 September 2010. Scandria strongly supports the approach of defining main nodes, such as capitals like Oslo, Stockholm, Berlin, Prague, Vienna and other major metropolitan regions in the corridor as well as the major Baltic and Adriatic ports and . Scandria urges to further extent and interlink existing Priority Projects (PP). In that context, the priority should lie on the extension of PP 1 and PP 22 via Berlin-Rostock-Copenhagen in order to connect it with the Nordic Triangle (PP 13) as part of the Core Net.

The full Scandria TEN-T position paper can be downloaded here.

Information concerning the TEN-T public consultations can be found on European Commissions website under

published 06.12.2010