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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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With the E-car from Berlin to Scandinavia

On January 26, several representatives from Germany, Denmark and Sweden met in Copenhagen to discuss how to establish an international infrastructure for electric mobility from Berlin to Scandinavia. The workshop took place on the initiative of Roskilde University, which pushes forward the development of a "Green Transport Corridor" within the framework of Scandria.

And foundations are already laid: Denmark, for example, offers tax privileges for electric cars and according to the German federal government, Germany is to be the lead market for electric mobility by 2020. Until then, a million electric cars are supposed to drive on German roads. In that context, the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg currently aims to become one of five "international showcases" for electric vehicles. A total of 257 project partners, including 197 companies and 34 research institutions are participating in the application.

"Berlin, together with the State of Brandenburg, aims to become Europes leading region in terms of electric mobility. Copenhagen also recognizes the potential of electrification of road transport for the quality of life in the metropolitan area. It is natural to join forces and take advantage of the strong axis Berlin-Copenhagen for the development of electric vehicles in Europe", said Thomas Meissner of the" eMO - Berlin Agency for Mobility ", who coordinates the application of Berlin-Brandenburg.

published 02.02.2012