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First companies to access brilliance via Science Link

As a result of the first call announced by the Science Link project in April, ten companies have now been approved and will get access to beam time at the major research facilities in the Baltic Sea Region.

Science Link offers companies the opportunity to analyse a current R&D issue by using state of the art scientific analysis at some of Europe’s leading research facilities of photon and neutron sources. For free.

The industries represented and approved in the first call are the Automotive industry, Chemical, Biotechnology, Life Science and companies within Nanomaterials.

-We are pleased with this first result of the first call, this is a first good step in achieving our main goals, to increase knowledge about the research facilities amongst the industries and to enable companies in the Baltic Sea Region access to science, comments Katariina Roebbelen-Voigt, Project Manager for Science Link.

In addition to a study at the appointed research facility the offer from Science Link to the industries also includes:

  • Consultations on the matters of R&D work to be done.
  • Support in the preparation and performance of experiments at the research facilities.
  • Assistance with data analysis and result interpretation as agreed upon.

- We want to simplify access to research for companies within all industries and this is a way of introducing companies to a new possibility.

The second is currently open and will close October 10. For further information please visit

published 04.09.2012