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SCIENCE LINK - Science Link opens 2nd call for proposals


Science Link announces the 2nd call for proposals offering companies the opportunity to use, free of charge, some of the leading research facilities in the Baltic Sea Region for research and development.

Research and development opportunity for industries
Research with neutrons and photons has contributed to the development of a variety of products - from plastics, cosmetics, chemicals, medicines and building materials to mobile phone screens and batteries.

Science Link's offer is relevant to all industries including: materials science and nanotechnology, energy, chemicals, life science and biotechnology, construction and engineering, agriculture and food science, and home and personal care.The deadline for applications is October 10, 2012.

Results from 1st call
Following the results from the 1st call announced in the spring, ten companies have been granted the possibility to perform experiments at the research facilities. Industries represented include: Automotive, Chemical, Biotechnology, Life Science and Nanomaterial.

About Science Link
Science Link is a network between leading research facilities of photon and neutron sources and its users. The project aims to support and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region. Apart from the research facilities, the network also includes scientific institutes, universities and regional organisations that serve as service and promoting units. Science Link is part-financed by the European Union (Baltic Sea Region Programme) and involves 17 partners from 8 countries during the project period 2012 to 2014.

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published 04.09.2012