2014.05.14-15 Joint Programming Committee & Monitoring Committee, Warsaw/PL
2014.11.25 Monitoring Committee, Warsaw/PL
2014.11.26-27 Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference 2014

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Programme in facts

Running projects: 22
Finalised projects: 68
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
EUR paid out: 143,2 mln
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Country specific information

Seed Money Facility: Thematic call open

The Seed Money Facility for the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) has launched a thematic call for applications targeting projects in two priority areas: SMEs and Internal Market. Applicants need to submit their applications to Priority Area Coordinators (PAC) by 23 April 2014. In case the PAC supports the project with a letter, full applications are due on 23 May 2014. Approximately 660.000 € are available. Next to newly submitted applications, project applications submitted to different priority areas in earlier calls will be reconsidered for funding as well. The funding decision will be taken in fall 2014.

Detailed information about EUSBSR seed money projects as well as application templates can be found at

published 14.03.2014