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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

Succeeding together: Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 conference

More than 500 participants from 21 nations representing ministries, municipalities, cities, regions, counties and Baltic organisations gathered for the event that took place in Hamburg on 10-11 May. The conference offered practical information about the future programme, its priorities and new project ideas.

Wilfried G

Moderators Arve Skjerpen (from left), Vineta Griekere and Bo Storrank preparing for workshop 4 on

Susanne Scherrer,
Director of the Joint Secretariat "Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 has ambitious goals. Added value through joint transnational actions will be of great importance."

Joint Secretariat would like to thank all participants, speakers and especially conference secretariat from Hamburg for making this conference such a successful event.

Presentations from the conference will be soon available for download at

published 14.05.2007