Joined EU: 1995
Capital city: Stockholm 
Total area:  450 000 km²
Population: 9 million

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Country specific information

Country specific information Sweden

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  • Handbook on new opportunities for cooperation among Swedish and Russian local authorities. The aim of the guide is to support Swedish municipalities in finding out the best possible way of financing the cooperation actions with Russian partners or including Russian organisations in existing projects. This manual is produced by SKL International with funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Please, note that the application date for the Non-State Actors and Local Authorities Programme for the Baltic Sea Region has passed.
First Level Control (FLC)
  1. To find out how to designate first level controller click here.
  2. Further info about FLC in Sweden:
  3. First level control report & checklist
  4. First level control confirmation of the project partner´s expenditure
    ... this confirmation is an integral part of the Partner progress report and the Report on cost shares. In case a partner does not use the voluntary template for the Partner progress report and/or the Report on cost shares, the following document has to be completed by the partner's first level controller: First level control confirmation of the project partner's expenditure
  5. First level controller specification for ENPI

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