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Task Force meeting on Programme Manual, 7-8 November, Rostock

How far is the Programme Manual of the BSR Programme 2007-2013?

This was the main issue discussed at the Task Force meeting on the 7-8 November in Rostock, Germany. Both days were dedicated to reflect on comments submitted by participating countries, discussions and JTS responses to the Programme Manual. Issues like indicators, project partnership and project management, programme rules and budget lines, tools and measures to support project development, application and selection procedures, 1st level control issues and status of quo of integration of ENPI procedures were discussed.

There was a common understanding that Programme Manual should be user friendly, targeted and include harmonized procedures for both ENPI and ERDF/Norwegian funding. Participating countries were encouraged to send further comments. The next steps will be drafting of still missing chapters, incorporation of further comments received and general editing. The next amended version of Programme Manual will be send to participating countries again. The Final draft Programme Manual is expected to be approved by the Monitoring Committee in the first meeting.

Additionally new proposal for use of the Technical Assistance budget for 2007-2015 was presented and discussed. The Monitoring Committee will decide on this issue at the it's first meeting.

Snapshots from the event

published 08.11.2007