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Telling the story: communicating together

Telling the story: communicating Cohesion policy together! This was the main slogan of a two day event in the Brussels on the 26-27th of November. There was a clear message from Commissions side: communication is an important tool to outreach to regions and citizens therefore we need more and better communication; we want you to tell the real stories and let us do it together. The event served its purpose well and gave recognition to the importance of communicating on Cohesion Policy on the European level in general.

Commissioners Danuta Hübner (Regional Policy) and Vladimir Špidla (Employment and Social Affairs) opened the conference by stressing the importance of communication. Commissioners encouraging to be engaged and creative and take every opportunity to tell the real stories about real people all over the regions of Europe and through that show the practical impact of Cohesion Policy. Structural funds provide the most visible benefit of EU contribution in many regions and cover almost all sectors of the people lives therefore provide inspiring stories to share.

In total event gathered more than 400 communication officers from all over Europe and gave a practical opportunity to discuss, network and to share experiences on how to inform the public and raising awareness of EU contribution in their regions in traditional and innovative ways. Studies show that in the previous funding period 2000 - 2006 the biggest obstacles for good communication were lack of know-how, experience and human resources in communication. This conference showed a commitment to overcome this in the future.

Conference was ambitious and targeted with the practical focus on how the stories should be told most effectively, but meanwhile also problematic aspects were pointed out and discussed openly like work with media and general public especially in transnational cooperation programmes like the Baltic Sea Region programme 2007-2013. It was also stressed that communication is an integrated part of programme management and the aim of Communication managers in Managing authorities is to communicate good communication to their beneficiaries e.g. projects.

Nine workshops grouped into three thematic blocks focused on issue like transparency, informing public, networking, media relations and provided many good showcase examples from different countries. Workshop presentations and more information you will find on the this DG Region website.

 General remark:

Information and communication about EU Cohesion Policy aims to increase public awareness and transparency regarding the activities co-financed by the EU structural and cohesion funds. Between 2007 and 2013, €347.7 billion, more than a third of the EU budget, is dedicated to strengthening economic, social and territorial cohesion by reducing developmental disparities between Europe's regions.

published 28.11.2007