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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Country specific information

Three project clusters to receive funding

Project clusters "Baltic cluster for sustainable, multimodal and green transport corridors", "Saving the Baltic Sea Waters" and "Innovation in SMEs" were approved by the Monitoring Committee of the Baltic Sea Region Programme on 1 March 2012. Each cluster will receive around 150.000 EUR to finance joint activities.

The clusters will work as platforms for exchange among projects, help project partners to streamline and harmonize their activities. The water cluster, for instance, will investigate the needs in the fields of hazardous substances and nutrient management to reduce the loading to the Baltic Sea catchment area.

Altogether 27 projects and 38 project partners take part in the clusters. The following projects will join efforts in the newly approved clusters:

  • "Baltic cluster for sustainable, multimodal and green transport corridors" - SCANDRIA, TransBaltic, EWTC II, RBGC, Baltic.AirCargo.Net, BSR InnoShip, BGLC, ACL.
  • "Saving the Baltic Sea Waters" - WATERPRAXIS, COHIBA, PURE, SMOCS, Baltic COMPASS, BERAS IMPLEMENTATION, Baltic Deal, Baltic Manure.
  • "Innovation in SMEs" - BalticSupply, BaSIC, BONITA, BSHRHealthPort, BSR InnoReg, BSR QUICK, IBI Net, JOSEFIN, StarDust, QUICK IGA.

published 05.03.2012