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Discussing Scenarios of Vidzeme in Light of European Future


On March 29, 2011 Trans In Form project partners met in Riga to discuss future scenarios of Vidzeme region. Different perspectives of workshop participants raised discussion about what kind of rural area Vidzeme would be in the future, how can it better sell it’s local potentials globally, and how can this region achieve greater interconnectedness in all aspects of economic and social life? In the end participants were invited to present main drivers of Vidzeme development and compose future narratives about one typical day in Vidzeme in 2030.


According to different rural typologies, Vidzeme can be described as rural, peripheral area. It is unlikely that this general description of Vidzeme in European maps will change in the nearest future. In the same time Vidzeme region has very rich supply of well preserved natural resources. Nature in Vidzeme is very diverse and it’s territories have smaller human footprint compared to other rural areas in Europe. The question is - what kind of rural area Vidzeme aspires to be? Participants agreed that some places in Vidzeme, like town of Valmiera, have potential of becoming “smart rural areas”. Smart rural areas will be technologically advanced and populated by educated people. These areas will have rich territorial capital to compete well in the knowledge-based economy. In the same time, some peripheral places in Vidzeme will experience further depletion of human capital and natural resources. Participants agreed that in addition to new jobs and nature, social and cultural environment was important determinant of place attractiveness in Vidzeme. Therefore, public transportation, education, health services are vital for keeping the population.

If Vidzeme pursues the path of green economy, alternative energy infrastructure will develop in Vidzeme. Region’s rural areas will be known for their ecological food production. Vidzeme residents will be green thinking, innovation-oriented and open minded. They will be open towards different cultures and nationalities. Being socially and politically active with wide range of interests, they will also be active participants in the information society.


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published 27.04.2011