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Trans in Form (TiF) - Energy saving exhibition in Uddebo

The very nice spring day of April 17th, Yellow Hose in Uddebo, Tranemo municipality organized an energy exhibition. Focus was on how you as a private person can use the wind and sun to produce energy in a small scale. Most people are very interested to save the environment and of course money, which is possible. The exhibitors demonstrated their technical solutions and there were lectures about small windmills, solar cells and economy. The energy and climate advisors of Tranemo municipality showed some examples how you easily can save energy and what kind of help they can provide.

This was not a big exhibition with maybe 150 – 200 visitors, but the important theme attracted the most interested people in the district. Of course you could sit down with other people in a familiar way with a good cup of coffee and discuss energy solutions. This energy exhibition is among other public activities and events important to establish a creative meeting place in Uddebo, to attract visitors and new people to settle down.

Staffan Arvegård Coordinator Trans in Form, Tranemo municipality

published 28.04.2011