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Trans in Form (TiF) - New TiF-Partner - “I will keep it up”

Trans in Form has a new partner. The city of Trebbin will substitute the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming who had to withdraw from TiF. According to a request from Joint State Planning Department, Berlin Brandenburg the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming has to limit transnational activities and therefore withdraw from the project.

Several towns within the region had participated and the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming had been an important coordinator in the region. Also Havelland-Fläming had been very important for the implementation of TiF activities. In 2010 TiF has received remarkable success and interest in the Havelland-Fläming region.

One of the towns that had joined the project was Trebbin. About 9.000 inhabitants live in the small town half an hour away from the capital Berlin. Trebbin’s Mayor, an active participant in the TiF project, did not want to accept the withdrawal and decided to take over the partnership. Last week Trebbin determined to join TiF and therefore to continue the project work.

TiF talked with Trebbin’s Mayor Thomas Berger.


What is your motivation to jump in for the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming as a partner and to continue the work within the Trans in Form project?

The city of Trebbin participated actively in the TiF project from the beginning. For me the political decision made by the Brandenburg government to withdraw from TiF and other similar projects is incomprehensible. We were on a good way under the coordination of the Regional Planning Authority Havelland-Fläming. Now I will keep it up.

Why do you think TiF is worthwhile for Trebbin?

In Brandenburg we have been complaining for a long time about an increasing outflow of people into bigger cities. If we do not work against it we will have vacancies in rural areas and this will create a lot of other huge problems. Our rural area with all its amenities does not deserve that. Furthermore, the increase in attractiveness is one of TiFs main purpose.

What did Trebbin benefit from TiF so far?

TiF also lives on the exchange of ideas and of the mutual consideration of problems from different point of views. Within the frame of project work I realized that the problems of rural areas are not only Brandenburg or German problems but rather exist in the whole of Europe. However, there are efforts for solution approaches everywhere and to exchange those is exciting and helpful.

What do you expect to benefit from this engagement for the city of Trebbin?

With the established attractiveness barometer the Norwegians made a decisiveness step of which we can benefit as well. I would also like to determine objectively where on that scale of attractiveness you can find our rural area. Then we can pointedly consider measures that are necessary to increase the attractiveness and within that increase future chances for our region.

What do Trebbin’s inhabitants think about the project?

Last autumn we arranged a territorial city event with our inhabitants to present the goals of Trans in Form as well as the first results. Out of this event a group of interested citizens got spontaneously together to collaborate. That is how I understand project work. TiF only has a real chance if we take the people with us. In Trebbin this train rolls and that is why we replaced the chief guard who had jumped off.

Could you convince other partners / municipalities to join the project with you?

According to my previous cooperation I got in contact with neighboring cities and communities. There are initial signals that other communities want to join.

As you already said, TiF subsists on an exchange with partners. What can Trebbin add to this process?

In recent years we got a lot off the ground to raise the attractiveness of our town. On one hand there is the redevelopment of municipalities and villages, but also the realignment of social and cultural offers were and are still on our agenda. A lot of these aspects can be found within in the Trans in Form Project. And that is what Trebbin can further on add to TiF.

Will you take part in the Tran in Form Midterm Conference in Krakow?

We decided to take over the coordinator position a week ago. The appointment on the 11th of May in Krakow is quite short-termed for me. But I will strive – in agreement with other partners – to assure a German representative.

published 04.05.2011