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Trans in Form (TiF) - Pilot project planning in Tranemo

Tranemo town in Sweden is one of the partners in the Trans in Form that is going to implement a pilot project. It was decided Tranemo will focus on the area around the new library. The park landscape where the library will be built is situated between the centre of Tranemo and the beautiful lake. The physical plan for the area and the technical documentation for the library are not ready yet, but some work has started to define the shoreline where the library will be built.

The Trans in Form pilot project will present suggestions that will strengthen the area and make it more attractive for people to meet. For example we will deal with a small island in the lake, attractive and safe light and some other installations in the park.

Soon we will have a public presentation and discussion about how the area could look like in the future. Hopefully we will get some good ideas from the public before we decide more exactly. Because the upper secondary school is situated in the area the discussions with all the youth is very important. They have a daily close contact with the area and for that reason the design must attract them.

Staffan Arvegård Coordinator Trans in Form, Tranemo

published 09.03.2011