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Trans in Form (TiF) - Suwalki development moves forward

1-2 days of March Suwalki had an international workshop on development plans for the city. Suwalki managed to combine all the different investments and improvements into one plan. So the reorganization of roads, reconstruction of a square and natural recourses use were merged into a common plan for making Suwalki a better place.The conference was opened by the city vice-mayor

Lukasz Kurzyna and followed by the TiF project manager Bjoern Frode Moen. Mr. Frode told about the courage to choose untraditional ways for a place development, to be brave and win. The "What is the what?" speech by project manager can be found for download at as well as all the other conference presentations.

Suwalki presented the draft of future road system in the city. The change is needed to avoid the big traffic of trucks going trough the very centre of a city. There was also a wish to make the logistics easier for pedestrians and cyclists.Another presentation was about competition results for the reconstruction of Maria Konopnicka Square. The call for proposals was announced for a couple of times, as the version selected at the first round was strongly criticized by the local public. At the second round nine proposals were considered and rotated according to the percentage evaluation. However, the final proposal was to make a combination of the two square proposals, as none of them was suitable completely.

Maria's Square reconstruction is only one investment going on in Suwalki. In addition conference participants were taken to Suwalki aquapark , science and technology park, brand new sports hall, concert and theatre buildings. All this is combined in the big plan for Suwalki development in which the Trans in Form is merging in as one of the players. In addition, all this technical and strategical growth of the place will be covered by a new place logo and a slogan - "Suwalki - pogodnoe miasto" (Suwalki - a cheerful city), which was also created within one of the TiF packages.

published 04.03.2011