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Trans in Form (TiF) - Vidzeme Planning Region is looking for LOGO! (voting)

Taking the example of other "Trans in Form" project partners Vidzeme Planning Region also launched the logo contest. The contest was related to the Vidzeme planning region newly created slogan “The roads leads up!”. As a whole received 50 different logo applications, of which the Evaluation Committee chose the seven best ones. For these seven logos  any interested person can vote by attending Vidzeme Planning Region Homepage

The Evaluation Committee evaluated the logo of the five main criteria - logo visual appeal and readability, consistency and continuity with the slogan, the visual design, use of colour and its relationship with the word "Vidzeme", the operability of the logo (printed publications, souvenirs, exhibitions, digital format), as well as possible similarity to other known society logo (the alleged of plagiarism).


After the vote collection, in collaboration with artists and computer graphics specialists winning logo can still be improved and adapted to the needs of the region.

Be active and vote for your favorite logo here:

Votes may be cast up to 2 March 2011.

Detailed information about the logo contest:

Mara Poikane
Vidzeme planning region
Public relation practitioner
Mobile phone: +371 26454562


published 25.02.2011