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Finalised projects: 90
EUR committed: 215.0 mln
Main project outputs > 280
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Green transport projects on the EU Commission Vice-President’s agenda at the Annual Forum of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy

The shared exhibition stand of TransBaltic and Scandria at the annual EU Baltic Sea Strategy Forum in Copenhagen was honoured by a visit of the European Commission Vice-President responsible for transport, Siim Kallas, interested in learning about involvement of the regional authorities in the EU transport policy. The visit was an excellent opportunity to highlight the ongoing cooperation among the green transport projects, the so called umbrella cooperation, that will in September transform into the formal cluster (led by Region Skåne).

As pointed out to Vice-President Kallas, the regions are deeply committed to the development and implementation of green transport solutions. They take an active role in shaping transport policies within the framework of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy as manifested by the Macroregional Transport Action Plan, a joint product of TransBaltic and the allied projects, which the regions see as an important instrument in streamlining the approaches by the Commission, the national governments of the Baltic Sea countries and the regional authorities. This challenge will be tackled by the follow-up initiative to the TransBaltic, Scandria and EWTC II projects, entitled ‘BSR TransGovernance' and led by Region Blekinge.

published 09.07.2012