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New edition of TransBaltic Policy Report!

The foresight process around the Baltic Sea carried out in 2010, initiated by TransBaltic, helped to identify alternative transport development trajectories in the years to come, their pre-requisites and policy-making consequences which were then described in the 1st edition of the TransBaltic Policy Report series. This 2nd edition concentrates more on the green transport scenario in light of new policy challenges as well as natural and socio-economic developments. Current transport and regional policy processes are being screened, highlighting some missing, overlapping or underestimated thematic areas of vital significance for future transport patterns in the Baltic Sea Region.
The report also debate on the robustness of the integrated transport system in the Baltic Sea area, bringing up some specific aspects of dynamically evolving trade exchange between the Baltic Sea Region and new global economic powers, such as China and India - developmental driver that definitely will affect the geography of the freight flows and cast a challenge for the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the BSR. The report also describes some examples of business cases that can contribute to better transport co-modality and sustainable regional growth I might become subject for relevant transport policies.

Download TransBaltic Policy Report 2011 here!

published 09.02.2012