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TransBaltic Newsletter No. 14

In this issue -
  • An economic game - An analysis of duty-free sales in the Baltic Sea region's transportation system.
    Today, the Åland Islands play an important role in maritime transport in the Central/Northern Baltic Sea region as business thrives on board the ferry traffic to and from Sweden, Finland and Estonia as well as recently to Russia, all due to tax-free sales. Who would win and who would lose if Åland were deprived of its tax exemption?
  • In hopes of a good start - A regional approach to future transport planning.
    A future vision of the transportation system in the southeast Swedish region of Blekinge, presented
    in a recent TransBaltic report, provides ‘food for thought' for the BSR's decision makers on how clear goal-setting and wise planning could help reach the so often mentioned idea of sustainable transport, being efficient, reliable and environmentally safe.

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published 27.03.2012