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TransBaltic Newsletter No.7

TransBaltic Newsletter No.7 is out! The issue explores following topics:

Intermodal terminals of the future - Emergence and significance of dry ports" 

Along with the work packages focusing on strategies, policies and planning issues, TransBaltic includes a group of tasks designed to test practical solutions, to demonstrate their feasibility in a specific business environment and to evaluate their potential for becoming BSR transport blueprints. Among these, Task 5.1 "Dry Port Development" is based on a concept which appears to carry an outstanding potential as an intermodal solution.

"An area in mobilization"

In connection with the outcomes of the foresight debates in the "TransBaltic Policy Report 2010", the project representatives went to North-West Russia to discuss transport investments of this key area in the future geography of freight flows. Infrastructure investments in the Eastern part of the Baltic Sea Region including Russia might not take the greening of transport into consideration, posing the risk of a gradual east-west divide. In turn, investments in the Barents area might change the future freight flows from North-South to an East-West direction. This would decrease the use of the Baltic Sea networks, resulting in moving the economic centre of the region to the north.

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published 04.01.2011