Baltic Impulse Final Report

"Sustainable resource management for a healthy
Baltic Sea" -
September 2013
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Baltic Impulse Cluster brochure

"Saving the Baltic Sea Waters" - August 2013 (pdf download)

Water cluster column at the Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference in Lilleström, Norway 19-20 Sept 2012

Cluster: Baltic Impulse - saving the Baltic Sea waters

In the thematic clusters partners from different projects share knowledge and experience. Together partners make stakeholders aware of the project achievements and change the political agenda.

Downloads from the cluster:

Reducing pollution & eutrophication in the Baltic Sea
Main Targets of the cluster:
  • Fight against nutrient pollution by reducing the nitrogen and phosphorous leaching in rural and urban environment and supporting the development of nutrient recycling.
  • Environmentally sound management of hazardous substances by improving the current regulations and finding obstacles and opportunities.
Contact: Ms Paula Biveson
Phone: +46 730 801088
Cluster website @

The following projects join efforts in the cluster:

  • WATERPRAXIS - From theory and plans to eco-efficient and sustainable practices to improve the status of the Baltic Sea
  • COHIBA - Control of hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea region
  • PURE - Project on Urban Reduction of Eutrophication
  • PRESTO - Project on reduction of the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea today
  • SMOCS - Sustainable Management of Contaminated Sediments in the Baltic Sea
  • Baltic COMPASS - Comprehensive Policy Actions and Investments in Sustainable Solutions in Agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region
  • BERAS IMPLEMENTATION - Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society Implementation
  • Baltic Deal - Putting best agricultural practises into work
  • Baltic Manure - Baltic Forum for Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Manure Management
Re-meandering Fladså river in Næsteved Municipality, Denmark (Photo: Næstved Municipality)
Daugavgriva sewage treatment plant, Riga (Photo: Lotta Ruokanen)